EMG and Nerve Studies

Electromyography & Nerve Conduction Study

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Electrodiagnostic studies at CURA Centers is a tool that we use to diagnose conditions in your muscles or nerves. These tests help narrow down the causes of your back pain, neck pain, numbness, tingling, and motor weakness. These tests include two parts: nerve testing (nerve conduction studies or NCS) and muscle testing (electromyography or EMG). The test is necessary to differentiate muscle vs nerve disease which often overlap clinically.

What to expect?

NCS testing is done by placing small electrodes on your skin. A stimulator will then deliver small electrical currents to the nerves, which will cause your nerves to fire. The electrical signals that your nerves and muscles produce are picked up by our computers. We interpret the information to see how quickly or slowly your nerves are functioning. These results are compared to average nerve function speed to see if your nerves are reacting properly.

EMG testing is done by placing small needles in the muscles of your arms, legs, or back so that we can evaluate the electrical activity caused by muscle contractions. Our specialized computers will be able to see and hear how your muscles and nerves are functioning. This test can also determine whether or not your muscles are receiving signals from your nerves properly. You may feel a cramp or ache like sensation. Occasionally, you may experience slight bruising; however, this is normal and will resolve/improve without any further medical attention.

Why do we do these tests?

Your doctor may order an EMG or Nerve Conduction studies if he is suspicious of nerve or muscle disorder. Typically, these disorders can present with pain or sensory changes or motor weakness or numbness / tingling or cramping or radiating pain. Common muscle disorders are muscular dystrophy or polymyositis or myasthenia graves or peripheral nerve entrapments such as Carpal tunnel syndrome or Cubital tunnel syndrome, or peripheral neuropathy or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or nerve root entrapment by disk herniation in your spine, among others.

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